In 1926 Kuraray Co., Ltd. was established in Kurashiki, Japan, where it started the industrial production of viscose rayon. Through intensive research and development the company succeeded in building up extensive expertise and technological strength in the fields of polymer chemistry, synthetic chemistry and chemical engineering. Thanks to this technological strength and extensive expertise Kuraray develops highly innovative products in a wide range of selected businesses.

With products such as CLEARFIL SE BOND, Kuraray has proven its ability to turn leading-edge research into real world solutions.

Today Kuraray develops and manufactures quality and highly innovative products ranging from synthetic resins, fine chemicals, non-woven fabrics, man-made leather to medical products. A number of products developed and manufactured by Kuraray have become world-leading products. Among these products are: polyvinyl alcohol fiber KURALON, polyvinyl alcohol resin POVAL, ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer EVAL, man-made leather CLARINO and isoprene-based fine chemicals for perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and other specialized applications.